The Royal Guides Association of Bruges and West Flanders was founded in 1926 and has become a thriving cultural association. With over 200 professional guides, this association vouches for high-quality and fascinating tours through Bruges and surroundings in seven different languages (Dutch, French, German, English, Italian, Spanish, Russian). We have a whirling variety of guided tours with a personal approach.
We do not only offer guided city walks, surprising themed walks and cycling and bus tours, but also exclusive visits to the collections and the temporary exhibitions of Musea Brugge. In addition, we organize numerous activities and lectures for its members and regularly publish travel guides and interesting editions about Bruges


  • Ondervoorzitter Diederik Naeyaert
    0476 29 02 23
  • Secretaris Roger Van Geert
    0479 91 51 00
  • Activiteiten & Stuurgroep Greet Caris
  • Huismeester Werner Cerisier
    0477 73 45 09
  • Externe communicatie Bruno Comer
    0477 50 08 71
  • Interne communicatie Lut D'Hondt
    0473 31 74 62
  • Webmaster Roland Groenvynck
    0474 459193

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